Excerpts from "Laptop from Hell"

p. xii
... Joe, as vice president, had met in Washington with a high-ranking represenetative of the corrupt Ukrainian energy company that was paying his junkie son a million dollars a year to sit on its board. Eight months after the meeting, Joe flew to Kyiv and threatened to withhold $1 billion in US aid unless the Ukrainian government fired its top prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was pursueing Burisma for corruption at the time.

p. xiii
The conclusion is inescapable. The president cannot extricate himself from his family's moneymaking schemes from America's foreign policy imperatives.

p. 9
[Jeff] Cooper ... made a lot of money from the $30 billion asbestos compensation business, in large part thanks to Joe, who used his position on the Judiciary Committee to block asbestos litigation reform when a bill reached the Senate floor...
After Joe became vice president, Hunter landed a no-show role as "of counsel" for the New York-based law firm Boies Schiller Flexner LLP, a Democrat outfit associated with the Clintons. He wasn't obligated to keep office hours or attend meetings but Boies paid Hunter $216,000 per annum...

p. 11
Lunden Alexis Roberts ... a stripper who worked at ... the Mpire Club. Roberts is pregnant with his child, and he wants nothing to do with her or the baby.

p. 24
In 2017, he boasted in an email about a three-year deal with one of his Chinese partners, CEFC chairman Ye Jianming, which guaranteed him $10 million annually "for introductions alone."

p. 38
[CEFC chairman Ye Jianming gave Hunter a 3.16 carat diamond worth $80,000. Jianming has links to President Xi and the People's Liberation Army - Hunter's most generous business partner in China.]

p. 42
[in an email to daughter Naomi: unlike pop, I won't make you give me half your salary.]

p. 45
[Hunter was routinely paying at least some of Joe's household bills including monthly AT&T bill of around $190.]

p. 82
Joe Biden insists he never knew a thing about Hunter's lucrative deals in countries where he wielded influence as vice president. But evidence abounds on the laptop of Joe's active participation.

p. 96
In April 2020, the Kyiv District Court ordered that [Viktor] Shokin be formally recorded as a victim of an alleged crime by the former US vice president. Joe's identity was originally redacted, but the court ruled that he be formally named.

p. 97
Hunter paid a "finder's fee" to a man named "Alex" for securing him the board position, a 2016 email reveals. The total amount he paid Alex was $277,775, one-third of his Bursisma payment for ten months. [Alex Kotlarsky, employed by consulting firm TriGlobal Strategic Ventures ... helps western clients further business interests in emerging economies of the former Soviet Union.]